Albums Choices…

Here you will find samples of the two different types of albums I currently offer.

Both albums are equally hand crafted beautiful products of the highest quality… you really need to see these in person to appreciate them fully, but I understand that’s not always possible.


Jorgensen Albums

First up is the classic more traditional style of album… the 12″ Jorgensen Art Album……  these are hand-made in Australia, but the prints are printed in the best pro lab in the UK, using a traditional wet chemical process (i.e real photographs) printed onto a lustre paper  – halfway between a gloss and a matt finish. The albums are then meticulously constructed here for the final phase.


Any print spanning the spine / gutter needs to be cut as it’s a real photograph… they will just crack if bent. 013014015Flip out pages can also be added to these albums too.016017018


For more info, see the links below…   – here are some further samples though some are in a different sizes too, but you can get a taste of all the available page & cover options too.

You have more covering options with these albums and the matt/page colour is usually black or white etc…… but these finer options can be chosen later on once the design is complete.

You can see one of my complete sample layout here…… 12×12″ – 60 images.

pw: album


Fine Art Books

Then next up is our latest book type album which has a more modern & contemporary style…… the 12″ Original Fine Art Album by Vision Art made in the USA.

The photos/pages have a really nice archival matt finish to them and thickness of the page is like a thin bendy card. They mainly work with a full photo cover, but they also have some optional lush new leather covers too…… which again can be all decided upon at a later time.

As the photos are Giclée printed straight onto the page and because of the binding technique employed it allows you to do a big panoramic image across 2 pages over the seam (gutter) of the page without any detrimental effect to the photo. Whereas the traditional album you have to cut the print if you want do a panoramic image/layout (see above).


001004011012013015016017018019As illustrated here – you can spread images across the gutter, and once laid flat you can hardly see it.020021024026027028029031032034036038Dust jackets can be added also…039042045046

More Sample Pics…

01_AlbumSample02_AlbumSample03_AlbumSampleThe albums come in various sizes, below is our best selling 12×12″ album, along with a 6×6″ parent / mini copy….. but they go even smaller! small enough to even carry around in your handbag. 04_AlbumSampleBlock colour spine…. if you’re not having a one panoramic image front & back.   05_AlbumSample06_AlbumSampleThis is our largest 12×12″ with the maxium amount of spreads….. 45 in total! Makes for an impressive album, with approx 150-160 images! So no fear of leaving any part of the day out with this one. 07_AlbumSample08_AlbumSample

There is optional lush leather covers available, with your names embossed on the front as another option…

This album is the biggest we do 16×12″ panoramic…10_AlbumSample

With another optional dust jacket…11_AlbumSample12_AlbumSample13_AlbumSampleJust look how large that image is below, spanning across 2 pages.
14_AlbumSampleMore of our 12×12″ albums…15_AlbumSample16_AlbumSample17_AlbumSample18_AlbumSample19_AlbumSample20_AlbumSample21_AlbumSample22_AlbumSample23_AlbumSample24_AlbumSample25_AlbumSample26_AlbumSample27_AlbumSample28_AlbumSample29_AlbumSample30_AlbumSample31_AlbumSample32_AlbumSample33_AlbumSample34_AlbumSample35_AlbumSample36_AlbumSample37_AlbumSample38_AlbumSample39_AlbumSample40_AlbumSample41_AlbumSample42_AlbumSample43_AlbumSample44_AlbumSample45_AlbumSample46_AlbumSample47_AlbumSample48_AlbumSample49_AlbumSample50_AlbumSamplePanoramic cover image example…51_AlbumSample52_AlbumSample

You can see the final complete design layouts here…

Helen & James…. 12×12″ 25 spreads – (approx 75-85 images)

Emma & Ben… 12×12″ 45 spreads (approx 150-160 images)

password for both: album


There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, neither is better – both are top notch industry leading albums (I only choose the very finest companies to work with!)  and both have the wow factor!…… they are just different, that’s all.

One uses traditional type prints constructed into the page, the other is printed within the page…… the second option can fit more in, because the photos are printed onto the page rather than constructed into. Both albums open out perfectly flat too.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.

Many thanks…… Ben