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Ellie & Ricky – Wedding – London – Islington Town Hall & The Canal Boat Museum (Part 1)

Okay so I get asked about this wedding quite a bit, so I thought I would share some more photos for you to enjoy… and give you a mini write up about the day.

It was a very fun day last summer in the glorious sunshine we must of had! (It’s not actually as bad as we like to make out – in this country we just love to moan about it, but when I actually look through many of my weddings over the years – the weather is always fairly dry – perhaps I’m just lucky??)

Anyway, the day was filled with lots of laughter & tears throughout…… I really love the odd tear or two – especially while I’m editing – I can really see the emotion as it was at that moment in time and it really brings it home to me as to how lucky I am to be able to share in couples, friends & families most happiest of times!

It was also a very relaxed casual affair… as they were having an Indian wedding the week after too, but this was their main official one! ……They got married at 13.00 @ The Islington Town Hall in London, they had the main ‘Chamber Room’  – which has lovely stained glass windows, with rich wooden oak paneling, lush deep red carpet and a splendid high domed ceiling; perfectly filled with natural light all round – (good for photography).

The reception venue wasn’t accessible until 17.30 – because it was held at The Canal Boat Museum and was open to the public during the day. So they killed time by hiring 2 old routemaster buses and making stops at squares and parks around London, with drinks and canapes being served from the bus – that way they could get round any licensing problems. They chose fairly unknown discreet squares and parks – which weren’t going to be too busy, particularly with the hot weather on the day!  (for those of you that live in London – we all know how busy the parks get when the sun comes out!)

The extended time between when the ceremony ended around 13.30ish to when we arrived at the reception venue just added to the relaxed feel of the day – It also meant they got chance to speak with everyone too. Once we arrived, Ellie, Ricky & I disappeared off for a bit to do a photography portrait shoot…… which we had organised the locations already from the pre-shoot, to keep the time to a minimum anyway, but they really enjoyed this part just as much and it gave them chance to have some time together too, and were fairly relaxed after a good few glasses ;o)

After the results of the pre-shoot they were happy to give anything a go!  ……I tried to give the images a modern / urban city look, while at the same time bringing the canal into the pictures to have some relevance as to their venue etc.

The last few shots of the shoot, the one’s in between the canal boats – just happened by sheer luck and by me being a bit cheeky!  A couple were just getting back from their holiday and arriving to their canal boat on this private jetty, which you see but couldn’t get access to – I asked if it would be okay to do some shots on their boat & pier! (always looking for something different & quirky!) …and they were happy to oblige us. As it happened in the end we didn’t even get onto their barge as the perspective between the two boats was more than enough!  …and the result ended up being one of my all time favourites!

The evening celebrations followed shortly after, and the speeches were probably some of the best I’ve heard… and I’ve heard a lot!  Both truly touching and very funny from everyone – I was in stitches!

Ending with everyone having a good dance too!… now that’s what I like to see!

I’m going to end it there, as I’ve already written far too much again – so much for the mini write up!

I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking…… Enjoy xx

P.s Come back for Part 2 for the rest of the images… tomorrow!

  • Melanie Orchard-Murlewski26/05/2010 - 08:08

    Really lovely shoot. I love the one where the groom is holding his hands out to show his nervers (or lack thereof!)

    I’ve seen the canal boat ones before and know just how stunning they are, but will certainly look forward to seeing them again.

    I will ‘like’ this blog post – but am most disappointed by your iPhone favourtism. Blackberry apps are where it’s at! 😉ReplyCancel

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  • Latasha Benson31/05/2010 - 22:30

    As per usual Ben – always a great read & incredible photos! ReplyCancel

  • Dan05/11/2010 - 10:56

    What a stunning collection of images – beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Dan Henry20/01/2011 - 07:01

    A Royal style of wedding. The pictures are very clear and instantaneous. The couple look very beautiful and the color changes made as per the requirement. Awesome pictures, great work.ReplyCancel

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