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Facebook intergration with the i ‘Like’ button & now on iphone/ipad too.

Okay so just a quick update regarding the blog……

Which I think is fantastic news for all you social media, tech savvy types!

– It’s now possible, to not only view all of the blog but the galleries on an iphone & the recently launched ipad too!

– Plus while browsing the blog it’s now possible to click the ‘Like’ button after each post…… the same as when you ‘Like’ something in Facebook, this will then display on your Facebook news feed and on your wall. Plus for logged-in Facebook users the blog then becomes personalised for you too… it will highlight your friends profile pics who have also liked that post… pretty cool hey!

– (In testing!) – We may add soon – full facebook comments too! …this again will show your profile pic to other logged-in users and will display on your wall & news feed…whatever next tagging yourself & friends outside of Facebook!??

– Plus you may of noticed recently… that below each post is the – “You might like:” –  this links to other related posts, and uses clever algorithm’s to work it all out! (Plus as more posts get posted the more relevant and intelligent it gets – though don’t ask me how it works!)

– You’ve also got the ‘add this’ – which links/bookmarks to all your favourite social sharing tools etc.

Don’t forget you can still add the good old traditional ‘comment’ after each post too – I HEART comments! …nothing beats a personally written comment and I love hearing what you all think – whether it’s good or bad (well at least constructive criticism anyway!)

Okay thanks people.


P.s I reckon it should be a… ‘Love’ button instead!  – here’s my version!

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