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Lisa & Chris – Pre-Shoot – Ascot

Okay – I know – I’ve been a bit rubbish of late getting round to blogging – but I’ve been keeping busy, lots of PR shoots – though all a bit too boring to post here!

But last Sunday I meet up with Lisa & Chris on a crisp sunny morning at The Royal Berkshire Hotel. Lisa text me the night before to re-confirm what time we were meeting, only she thought I was coming to their house! – She had completely forgotten about the pre-shoot part and thought we were just discussing details. Then Chris was out late the night before playing poker – thankfully he won, so he was in good spirits – but perhaps feeling a little worse for wear!…

We discussed the day first and finalised the timing’s, and then got on to the fun bit…. well maybe for me at least anyway! We didn’t have too long as they had Chris’s sister – baby sitting their lovely daughter Evie. Lisa told me she doesn’t like her photo being taken, as she can never get a good one of her! – with Chris making me laugh too, saying ….’yeah she always looks awful’ – So with this in mind I concentrated on getting them to feel relaxed rather than specifically concentrating on finding locations as such. I purposefully got in close – so they got used to the feeling of me and the camera, so come the day – I may be using different lenses – and most probably be further away!

Well what a turnaround…. I found Lisa was a complete natural, a little nervous to begin with (which is as expected) but with a little direction and advice, she soon settled straight into it. On the other hand it was Chris that was being a bit stiff at times – though maybe it was the late night and his massive shoulder muscles that were causing the problem ;o)

Enjoy x

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