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Lisa & Chris – Wedding – The Royal Berkshire, Ascot (Part-2)

So the first half of the day certainly had some drama, what with the emotion & tears… both bridesmaid dresses zips split – coming away from the dress itself, don’t ask! …but all was fine in the end though.

The second half of the day equally had drama, from the stormy rain clouds that loomed above us, threatening to rain down on us after the ceremony, to the infamous peg game at the wedding breakfast! – which involved lots of clothes pegs on the tables – with the aim of the game to peg unsuspecting victims throughout the meal and evening… It was certainly amusing, with people walking around with colourful pegs attached to them everywhere!

The portraits went well – and I wanted to show Chris & Lisa’s characters and their lighthearted approach to life – always full of energy & laughter as well as showing their tender sides with one another.

At the end of the shoot we found this beautiful tree, in the grounds of the Royal Berkshire… and looking at the size of the the trunk, it was probably at least a few 100 years old!!  …with the the sun popping it’s head out briefly, we managed to capture some great shots – certainly my favourites from the shoot anyway.

I won’t ramble on anymore, …I’ll let the images tell the story instead!

Once again Congratulations  – Lisa & Chris xx

P.s …the heavens did finally open, just as everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast – so lucky!

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