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Wedding – Louise & Gavin – Notley Abbey

So this is the wedding of the lovely Louise & Gavin at the beautiful venue of Notley Abbey…… arguably the finest of the Bijou Wedding Venues, with possibly one of the nicest tree lined drives in the country!

One of the reasons Louise & Gavin chose the venue of Notley Abbey was that they wanted to have an outside wedding…… and Notley Abbey can accommodate this in their beautiful walled garden with the vows being taken under the little recessed area, but Notley Abbey also has a beautiful room for winter weddings and of course if the weather was looking ominous come the day.

Thankfully for Louise & Gavin’s wedding…… while it wasn’t big blue skies, it was very mild and pleasant indeed; though for a moment in the morning the skies did look rather dark.

Actually the days & weeks proceeding the wedding it had been really hot! …almost too hot! So for once it made a welcome change for everyone.

From a photographers perspective, Notley Abbey has the advantage of an all in one venue with minimal room adjustments… also it has a little cottage out building – which meant the boys could get ready at the venue too.

You may of remembered my sneak peak from this wedding earlier…… well now I can give you the full version of it! …and be prepared – it’s certainly full, it’s virtually bubbling over with emotion, laughter, fun and lots of love!

Now I could write lots & lots – as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ ……but in a effort to blog more often, I’ve kept it shorter and let the images do the speaking for once!

Many thanks again to Lou & Gavin – it was a real joy!

Enjoy! xx

I just love these next series of emotional images… and as is often the case both Dad & Daughter loosing it! ……and then trying not to let her make-up run!

The two images above are the same image, but with a different B&W conversion & treatment applied… The left image is harder compared to a softer feeling on the right, with different channel mixer settings. Which one do you prefer?

As the sunset… I realised the sky was looking amazing, so I headed back to where they got married to get a better view… I noticed the horse in the field on the horizon and as I began to shoot, I noticed it walking off… so waiting for a bit it just walked in front of the last slither of sunshine – talk about perfect timing!

Below is a selection of images taken from Louise & Gavin’s + Studio option… it’s not always possible at every wedding due to time constraints or not having additional space to set it up etc.

But if you’re wondering what it entails… it’s basically a full size studio set-up in the evening, so whether you want nice portraits of you and your guests and just to have a bit of fun – then you can! …It’s your blank canvass to be creative.

Also so as not to impede too much on the nights dancing, I find an hour is usually sufficient.

Here’s a few nice ones… plus, as you can imagine the alcohol has been flowing for quite some time by the evening… so a few cheeky ones too!

P.s – That’s me above! …just as the session came to a close, Lou asked if they could have a shot with me – very sweet of them x

  • David Fenwick23/01/2011 - 19:11

    A fabulous set of images Ben. It looks like everyone had a wonderful day. I really love your B&W treatments – and, where you asked for a preference, I’d opt for the softer image on the right. I was drinking a cup of tea as I perused the gallery and almost sprayed a mouthful on the keyboard when I saw the kilt shots – fantastic!
    Hope you have a great season in 2011.
    All the best,

    • Ben23/01/2011 - 20:07

      Thanks for your kind comments David – and that kilt shot is pretty funny! – equally have a great 2011 season too.ReplyCancel

  • David Fenwick24/01/2011 - 12:02

    A pleasure Ben. I’ve bookmarked you so will be back to follow your progress throughout the year. Just been admiring the autumn wedding shot you posted this morning – fabulous light and colours. Such a great time of the year for photography (provided it’s not bucketing down!)ReplyCancel

  • Timothy E Kaldas25/01/2011 - 06:43

    Beautiful work Ben. Great photojournalistic coverage and you did a wonderful job at the beginning setting the scene with your shots of the grounds.ReplyCancel

  • simon30/01/2017 - 13:40

    Loving the natural feel to your photos Ben amazing job keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

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