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Mel & Alex – Wedding – Bramley – The alternative RMW post ;o) (Part-1)

Okay people… you may remember a while back, I posted a preview teaser image of Mel & Alex’s wedding?… well the reason I delayed posting it is because the lovely girls over at Rock My Wedding …saw the preview and asked if they could have a little look at the wedding! …Of course I was more than happy to oblige, but only after giving Mel & Alex their viewing presentation, after which I then gave the girls the password to have a butchers at the wedding in the client area.

As it turned out they loved it… and wanted to feature it!! (insert big happy face here!)

So as one of the sponsors of rock my wedding… and realising that many of their readers visit wedding photographers blogs too. I decided to just hold off – so at least no one (well apart from Mel & Alex, friends & family) would have seen it before! …as seeing fresh new material is much more exciting than if you’ve seen it for the umpteenth time already!!

I won’t write anymore… as you can see all the info Mel wrote here …apart from saying – it was a great fun, sunshiny day with lots of love & laughter, food & drink, and some mad crazy dancing! – just as it should be then!

The images are all different to RMW… so at least it’s all new too! …these are just a few of my favs – from part 1 at least!

Big THANKS to Rebecca & Charlotte for featuring it xx

……and the most heartfelt thankyou to the lovely Mel & Alex for choosing me! xxx

Enjoy xx

P.s  Be sure to come back tomorrow for part 2 on RMW and here too…… for a little something different?!

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