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Michelle & Steve – Saint Sophia’s Cathedral & The Berkeley Hotel (Part 2)

Okay so here’s part 2, (part 1 at St Sophia’s) …of Michelle & Steve’s wedding… be warned it’s one long post – filled with some serious dance floor moves 😉

The wedding reception was held at the Berkeley Hotel, in Knightsbridge. Though before they entered the hotel, we all arrived together in the taxi and went off round the corner for a few relaxed photos.

As Michelle & Steve both live & work in New York, I didn’t really get chance to do a pre-shoot with them. Though Michelle did visit London beforehand and I got to catch up with her again and meet & her dad. We ran through the schedule over coffee at the Berkeley Hotel and scouted out a few nearby locations.

So we found this little gem of a street tucked away with cobbled stones, an archway and period doors and railings. Come the day, the light was fading really fast… and it was much darker than it appears in the photos. We started out with some off-camera flash, and then because of time constraints for the rest… I used prime lenses (which allow a lot of light in) and bumped up the ISO to create some strong natural light portraits.

Once inside, it was time to meet and greet their guests properly… with tea, champagne & canapes being served.

Then it was onto the ballroom, for them to be formally announced… straight onto the emotional speeches, after which it was cake cutting & first dance… they didn’t have a formal sit down dinner and instead opted for a relaxed feel with a variety of amazing bowl food being served.

Then it was time to get down and boogie… and this lot certainly knew how to party, what with Greek dancing, dance-offs, and even some break dancing!!

Thanks again Michelle & Steve xx

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