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Love, fun and a wee bit of sun at Murthly Castle, Scotland

Okay so get ready for quite a mega long one… but I promise it will be worth it!

Jenny & Steve’s glorious wedding was held in the stunning setting of Murthly Estate Castle & Chapel.

I won’t write loads like I normally do, and instead give a few comments throughout the wedding photos… I suppose a bit like a running commentary!

So without further ado straight onto the photos…

Pizza for a long day ahead… ummm yummy!

224,934 people (men!)… watching youtube on the morning of their wedding day!

I thought I looked okay?!

The Murthly estate chapel was stunning from the inside, dated from the 16th century and later rebuilt in 1845. Interesting fact #1 – It was the first catholic place of worship in Scotland to be dedicated after the reformation, and includes a mural depicting the conversion of Constantine. Though it was seriously dark inside… so it was prime lenses only for this ceremony.

I promise there’s nothing wrong with my white balance editing… the chapel at the back had some crazy coloured stain glass windows… creating a warm pool of purple light on the registry table.

To say Steve was a bit pleased would be a slight understatement!

…actually Jenny looks pretty happy too ๐Ÿ™‚

Interesting fact #2 – the yew trees along the drive to the Chapel are over 500 years old!!

Jenny & Steve… got seriously lucky with the weather, considering it was Scotland in September!… and just as we did their portraits, the sun was low in the sky and popped it’s head through the clouds and we enjoyed some glorious afternoon sunshine.

Could a bride look anymore happier!… just have a look at that smile again, no fakes here, 100% genuine smile – guaranteed.

Jenny & Steve live in Miami… hence the flip-flops for poor soles who were wearing high heels… thankfully I left mine at home this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can’t beat a bit of hand waving in the air love.

They had a cali dance – which are always very fun…

…though this move wasn’t compulsory in the cali! …I’m sure my dad used to do this to me when I was a kid

Then it went crazy…

…even the robot dance made an appearance!

Ending with a brilliant full moon – wow what a wedding! …thank you so much for letting me be a part of your amazing day xx

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