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Rebecca & Dan – Wedding – Italy, Maratea (Part 2)

Okay, so here’s part 2, if you missed part 1?… click here

So where was I? …Oh yes – we had just arrived in the town of Maratea, and the sun was shining the most magnificent light beaming through dark austere clouds looming above us. We started the shoot at this archway we had found from looking around a few days earlier on the pre-shoot. It was equally if not slightly more compelling on the day, the sun was again glowing off the stone-washed walls, but this time – Rebecca and Dan – looking their finest, filled with love and champagne, relaxed straight into the shoot and certainly were more passionate than before! …illustrated in the images directly below.

As we headed down the hill, the light had all but gone and as we walked towards the main square, we came across the local school’s brass band. They were getting ready to play in the town’s festival – so we asked for a quick impromptu group shot with them and their teacher (though a few of them were either not interested or just too shy!) which was all a bit random & quirky, but fun never the less. This shot was the turning point in which there was now no more natural light to work with. Realising this I had to take a different approach to what we had planned originally in the pre-shoot. So using a technique known as ‘off-camera flash’  I combined the available existing street lighting with a burst of external flash. As we walked through the main square and under all the pretty fairy lights the rain was now a steady light drizzle!  So working fast and sheltering under shop canopies in-between shots, we got what we needed and I feel looking back now – to great effect too. Certainly the images of Rebecca on her own could of been from a dedicated fashion shoot. As we walked back out of town with the brass band now in full swing – it felt rather surreal – like we were on a film set, with Rebecca & Dan being the stars of the show – everybody really couldn’t stop staring. With people coming up to congratulate them or cheering as we walked along.

As we headed out of town and back to the car we drove round the corner to see just how dark the clouds had really become over the horizon. So I asked our fab driver if we could stop just one last time to get a few shots more! So after capturing that dramatic sky we headed back to the hotel and as we did, we couldn’t of been more lucky – the heaven’s literally opened up and the rain poured down all the way back to the hotel!

By the time we arrived back it had thankfully stopped – which was a relief to all, as most of the dance floor and wedding breakfast were under the stars at the hotel’s beach side restaurant/bar. By this time the party was in full swing, and the guests were eager to see Rebecca & Dan – but were equally surprised to see we all were completely dry too! I left the guests dancing, while I shot a few table details. The table plan was arranged after their favourite clubs around the world, with the head table being the club they had met each other in. Also what was an interesting touch was their guest book, they had stuck photos of everyone of their guests in the shape of a big heart – with personal comments written on the photos by Rebecca & Dan – For everybody to see.  Then they had another copy of the same photo – in which the guest’s had to stick into a book and leave a comment, message, memory shared, or some marital advice! (See photos).

So the wedding breakfast came and went, followed by the speeches – which were quite long to say the least – particularly the best man’s – but were equally amusing too – apart from the odd trumpet moment! (slightly bizarre!) Then everybody retired to the sea to set the Chinese/Thai lanterns alight – which can be challenging at times to shoot as it’s always pretty much near complete darkness. After which came the first dance – (they had obviously been practising!) – which went down a storm. Followed by a friend who sung with some serious soul – singing their favourite soulful house tracks. Until eventually came the point came where I put the camera down (for a bit) and joined them all for a boogie too… what an amazing day! One I will certainly remember fondly x

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