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    Hello - My name is Ben and I'm the photographer & owner behind Touch Photography (see random pic). Here you can find my latest wedding photography shoots & pre-shoots and occasionally some personal photos or interesting commercial shoots; with the odd random thought, insight or anything else that may tickle my fancy.

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…to my blog!

So I’ve finally finished it – and this is it!

I’ve tried to keet it looking modern with clean & simple lines, while hopefully being easy to read and navigate. I didn’t want any crazy image slideshows in the banner area to distract you, I wanted the content and posts to be the main point of focus. (excuse the pun!)

My reasons for setting it up…

Well after initially setting-up a page on facebook for touch>photography I soon realised while it’s really great to be involved with facebook, I found it frustrating in posting and creating the look and feel I wanted to convey, hence one of the main reasons why I started this blog. The other reason is to give prospective clients an insight into my photography and my work. As well as friends and clients who are interested in what I’m up to these days. But then all of a sudden, while I was creating this blog, a thought popped into my mind – (they sometimes do!) …and one that I considered long and hard about, before coming to the decision of…

I’m going to make this blog slightly personal!… the odd random thought here and there, with personal photography included too.

Yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking… Ben – you’re mad! surely it should be only about your wedding photography and that old saying… ‘never mix business with pleasure’  can’t be wrong!  Well let me tell you how I see it…  many other photographers blogs I see are all business, business this, business that  –  But I believe photography is very personal and subjective from the outset, what one loves another hates and as each photographer is very different – they will see things differently too. So I came to the conclusion that if you not only enjoy my work (or perhaps not!), …that you would also like to know a little more about the person behind the lens?

Certainly what I’ve learnt over the years, that when it comes to your wedding day I truly feel that it’s important that you really connect with your photographer and feel comfortable in their presence (I know it sounds cheesy – but it’s true!)  One thing I always now stipulate is that before any deposit is given, we first meet up. Most people will have seen a lot of my work already via the website, but this gives us chance to get to know one another and see if we’re on the same wavelength so to speak. Unless of course you live in another country or you live up in Scotland, in which case we have a long natter on the phone instead.

2009 was a great year!  …and I’m looking forward to what will arise in 2010, so if you want to share the trials and tribulations of my journey through life, simply subscribe above, put me in your favourites or just come back once in a while……  like the pebbles on a beach lets see where that tide takes me…

Ben x

P.s  Feel free to leave any comments too.

  • Alex C27/01/2010 - 04:16

    I think a blog is a fantastic idea Ben, and as a bride to be, I am totally addicted to all kinds of wedding blogs, so go for it! Really looking forward to seeing more work, and looking forward to our wedding preshoot later this year!ReplyCancel

  • Ben27/01/2010 - 09:07

    Hi Alex – Thanks for your kind words, totally agree some blogs are very addictive and interesting. Equally looking forward to seeing you both later in the year.ReplyCancel

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