Crazy Bear Weddings

So welcome people 🙂

……if you’re having or even about thinking about choosing a Crazy Bear Venue for your wedding day – then check this out below!

Even in the darkest depths of winter…. the Crazy Bear venues still rock! …whether it’s their rich use of colours & detail, or the melting pot of contemporary & modern randomness smack bang next to traditional & exquisite luxury, or even all the varied indoor & outdoor spaces available to you…. they definitely know how to make your wedding day one of a kind! ….of course it helps to choose your photographer wisely too 😉

This example slide-show is the full version the bride & groom received hence why it’s quite long….. but at least you get a good indication just as to what can be achieved and illustrates it perfectly.

So take a good few minutes out….. sit back & enjoy the show, or if you’re in a speedy hurry you can skip the slide-show and scroll down to view some of my fav pics instead.

Thanks for taking the time to visit,

Enjoy! …..Ben x

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