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Rebecca & Dan – Wedding – Italy, Maratea (Part 1)

Okay back in September I was fortunate enough to photograph the lovely Rebecca & Dan’s wedding in the stunning setting of Maratea, located a couple hours south of Naples. This beautiful town is located close to the coast and surrounded by volcanic mountains on all sides. The wedding itself was held in the 5 star Hotal Santaverne, which was by the sea and in it’s own grounds.

On the day of wedding, the sky was looking ominous – with dark clouds looming on the horizon and the humidity through the roof, we all had our fingers crossed for it all to go well and not resort to an inside ceremony. As the wedding approached at 4.00pm amongst all the make-up, hair-cuts, boob tape, button holes and beers it was getting darker and darker with low lying cloud cover but still the rain had not fallen… Rebecca and the girls finally made their entrance (30 mins late, but hey you’re in Italy!) and what an entrance too, as she seemed to glide gracefully along the side of the hotel to a symphony of strings, dressed in a slender vintage dress from Jenny Packham… everybody was in awe!

The ceremony progressed and about half way through I looked up and thought the heavens were just about to open! but thankfully the skies held out and actually even for the drinks reception too… so so lucky!

It all went really well with champagne, hugs and smiles flowing everywhere, my only concern now was not only still the threat of rain but the lack of ‘good’ light, after a few group shots and some portrait shots at the hotel, we (Rebecca, Dan and the gorgeous Bahareh – our last minute nominated driver! as I noticed earlier there was a traditional festival going on in the town and parking was going to be a problem)  …headed off in the car up to the old town a few miles away to capture some portraits with that rustic Italian look in mind, while everybody made their way to the wedding breakfast by the sea within the grounds of the hotel.

Then as we travelled up all of a sudden the sun popped it’s head through the dark clouds to give us the most lovely shades of rich yellows and reds hues and I knew then it was going to be all okay, in fact I was so excited by the quality of the light streaming down –  I knew it was going to be better than okay, and as a result I couldn’t be more pleased!… (So to all those brides, it really doesn’t matter whatever the weather!… personally, and I’m sure many other photographers prefer for it to be a partly cloudy anyway!… adds a certain drama to the images)

With the locations arranged beforehand, we had a little time to relax and enjoy the experience, the only problem for me was the falling light as the sun set below the sea, and now the rain had started to drizzle too, so as the shoot progressed I had to change direction from what we originally planned in the pre-shoot… but you’ll have to see Part 2 to find out what happened next!

enjoy xx

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