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Shirley & Roger Pre-Shoot – Winter Wonderland

A few months ago one of my brides getting married this year – Shirley, suggested she wanted to do something a little different for their pre-shoot… now normally, most pre-shoots either involve going to the venue to scout for locations or going for a pre-shoot in London or nearby to have a different set of photographs from the one’s taken on the big day.

As your well aware, photography involves the art of capturing light, it’s the recording of the light reflected back through the lens and onto the film plate (sorry! – I mean’t sensor, we are in 2012 after all 😉 ) that makes up what we call a photograph. If there’s literally no light – you don’t get a photograph…. then of course you could start to use a different light spectrum to make up an image such as x-ray and infra-red… but now I’m just getting geeky!

So what did Shirley have in mind for her pre-shoot? …yes that’s right – a night-time shoot at the winter wonderland in Hyde park!

Now of course… lots of new or even experienced photographers wouldn’t want to undertake such a challenge, if you’re used to shooting your style of portraits in gorgeous sunlight with lots of warm hues in the evening sun perhaps (though in this country we don’t see much of that!) – it’s easy to become complacent… On a side note: I often wonder if the fancy pants photographers that people rave about so much in the wedding industry that live and produce their work in gloriously sunny Calfornia or Australia, with amazing sunsets nearly everyday – how well they would do if they had to come up with that same style in, wet, dull overcast conditions in London? …it literally wouldn’t even be possible, as they’re reliant on that big ball in the sky.

Anyway back to the night-time winter wonderland pre-shoot… yes it is a bit more of a challenge, it certainly wasn’t my first ever night time shoot and I’m sure it won’t be my last! …even though it’s at night, there is always still lots of light around us, particularly in a big city like London – it never gets truly dark. Plus we could utilise all the bright lights of the funfair to good effect… plus using additional off-camera flashes and lights too when required.

The day(s) itself was eventful to say the least, but you can read more about what happened by Shirley herself over at Rock My Wedding

I’m going to go straight to Shirley & Roger’s pre-shoot slide-show below but before you get on to that…. here’s a little something extra that made me feel rather dizzy & sick by the end of it – but it was certainly fun!!?? Click HERE

Thanks to Shirley & Roger – you guys were fab! xx

  • Alex Mortimer28/03/2012 - 13:35

    Its nice to see a very different pre-wedding shoot! Looks like some real natural moments and memories were captured in these photographs!ReplyCancel

  • Andy Holland14/04/2012 - 13:58

    I like your work you have lots of beautiful photos – you are very talented, I love the way you seem to capture the mood in each shot very natural.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda17/04/2012 - 15:36

    Fantastic work and the post processing is sublime.ReplyCancel

  • Steve & Sandra21/03/2013 - 00:04

    Yet again great work, love the shot of Roger looking at Shirley through the glass, stunning work, really romantic yet natural images, Steve & Sandra.ReplyCancel

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